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  The projected biggest internet trends

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trendingIt is evident that the digital technology and wide use of the internet have made the world a global village. The Internet is replacing the traditional ways of doing things in all sectors. The sectors mostly affected include transport and communication, marketing, social welfare and education. The beginning of the century was a millennium game changer in internet trends. The growth of internet trends is different depending on the GDP level of an economy. The developed nations have almost 90% use of the internet in product and service provision. The emerging markets are at 70% while the developing economies are at 50%.

Currently, over 3 billion people are connected to the internet. The emergence of the mobile internet has enhanced economic growth and development in emerging and developing economies. However, still a bigger percentage of people who have still stuck to the traditional methods of working. The internet has moved many milestones. In 2000 the developing economies introduced GPRS in internet connection, it didn’t pick until 2002 where iPhone introduced cheaper internet connectivity through a mobile phone. The growth of computers from desktops to laptops, to palmtops and currently to tablets and smartphones has increased the use of the internet. The milestones include 2007- the introduction of IPhone in emerging markets, 2007- Appstore introduction, 2009 Blackberry Appstore, 2010- android introduction 2011, mobile broadband introduction, 2014 massive introduction of mobile internet in developing world, 2013- Firefox web browser introduction to mobile phones, in 2015 introduction of smartphones and computers. This trend shows that annually the digital technology introduces a new concept. 2014 saw a massive production of smartphones and Android- based mobile phones increasing wide internet usage.

It has opened businesses for communication devices to meet the daily increase in consumer demands. Mobile phone manufacturing companies are in high competition to meet the demand of the ever-growing mobile businesses and the addition of enhanced features in the mobile technology industry. Internet connectivity infrastructure works day and night to provide business solutions to internet users. It has seen it move from connecting the internet by telephone lines which were inaccessible to the remote parts, it then used satellites to transmit network. Currently, fiber optic technology is the norm for internet connectivity for small, medium and large companies.

Penetration of internet usage in developing world is the ultimate goal of internet service providers. It translates to increased internet usage and software developers can customize their products to meet the market. All electronics and devices are computerized. Their full functioning is directly linked to the internet. Cars, watches, navigation devices, mobile phones are made such that the internet is a basic component.
2015 UN report on internet trends indicate that going forward, internet connectivity will be a basic right for all citizens. Widespread use of the internet has simplified life. Everything you need can be got just by a click of a mouse or button. When you need to import or export a product you can order online, make payments online and wait for shipment while communicating with the transport provider on the status of the shipment.

Why Clickfunnels is the best automation software

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clickfunnelslogoMost marketers prefer Clickfunnels as opposed to other marketing software because of its advanced features and more functions. Apart from basic marketing automation is has comprehensive software with customized and personalized well design funnels that meet the need of the customer for the particular funnel. The funnels include; sales funnel, lead pages funnel, webinar funnel, affiliate funnel and Email funnels. The software allows segmentation so that every customer is classified in a segment relevant to a funnel.

The reason why Clickfunnels is preferred is because of the functions and the features discussed below:

  • Interactive and user-friendly interface: Clickfunnels have well designed interactive model to reach its customers. The funnels have an attractive step by step procedure before it achieves its goal.
  • Clickfunnels captures third party component in the toolkit such that you do not need any external software to perform other functions. It has online payment integration like PayPal, Aweber, GetResponse and InfusionSoft all integrated into the system. This allows a user to carry out many functions within the same software setup. The payment method allows a customer to complete a sale without much hassle.
  • Clickfunnels has strong system server that supports multiple functions, they can be integrated into a members’ WordPress site, webinars, and any other relevant component.
  • The funnels have a web domain hosting and sharing function linked in the software. For example, Facebook link, WordPress site link, or HTML exports for website hosting.
  • Despite the additional functions, it is flexible and easy to use. It is suitable for both beginners and experts in the marketing industry.
  • It is simple to develop the sales funnel. Once you log in, select the funnels from the menu bar, select a preferred template or even design your own template and your sales funnel is already built.
  • Clickfunnels has value added services as marketing software. They include money back guarantee in case of system failure or customer dissatisfaction. It provides a free 14 day trial period to prove the function before making a decision to buy. One bought a client is entitled to exclusive bonuses different from time to time.
  • Each funnel has a step by step guide and video tutorial on how to build and use the software to maximally enjoy all the benefits.
  • Clickfunnels are cheap and cost effective. It gives value for money. It also saves time with the simple and well- designed funnel components. It is a one stop shop for all your marketing needs.
  • The company offers customer support through email, live chat and after sales service follow-up to solve customer queries. This also helps them get feedback from clients and improve the system through regular updates.

There is  many  marketing software compare to Click Funnels here :, See for yourself and it will help you decide which one is the best for your business.

Clickfunnels prioritizes on product development and customer satisfaction. Once you make a decision to purchase you have a hand on experience of the software.  The founder Russell Brunson is an innovator and meets clients’ needs through the Clickfunnel design. Indeed, it gives value for money. Positive customer review and feedback is an indicator of the success of the marketing software.

Most Useful Tools To Have at Home

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The internet has offered an easier and effective platform for communication, marketing, and social networking. However, access to the internet varies depending on location. Areas around the cities have good internet connection compared to remote parts. Internet service providers have wide access to the internet. Manufacturers have also designed various tools to help you access news from the internet with ease. These are a must-have tool in a home to access cool news from the internet.

Equipment TOOLS

Sprayers, Hammers, Saws, Table Saws, Pliers, decide your own personal choice of wood lathes with the toolsy and easy to carry tools that you must have readily available when need.  These tools are easy to forget but very important to fix anything broken in your house.  View comparison tools here.


Computers are the main gadgets to access the internet. The modern computers have integrated tools to process information posted on the internet to the screens. Computer manufacturers have different computer designs for internet access. Some have inbuilt Wi-Fi system for internet access while others require an external router or a modem to receive internet network. The computers have internet connection software as communication tools between the computer and the internet network. After which, you are able to access news sites.
Different sites have different news information. The mainstream media sites have all information of public interest in various niches; while others have topical news, which they cover. The internet has various tools to help receive audio, visual and print media information. They also include graphical features for visual outlook. You must have a graphical software application to view pictures, images, photos, and videos.

Phones and tablets

Phones and tablets are also gadgets you can use to access the internet. They must have an operating system, which supports internet connection. Android, Java, Windows and iOS technology are the most renowned in faster internet connection. To access more features in news channels the phones must be able to support graphical features. You can download applications to enhance the support platforms. Phones with this technology are just small computers. Their advantage is they are portable and support both data and voice calls.

Internet connection

You should have a good internet connection to enable you to access cool news from the internet. There are various internet service providers based on location, others are remotely controlled while others require routers, modems, Wi-Fi connection and boosters for faster internet speeds. A poor internet connection may experience buffering when streaming live from the internet.

GPS watches and navigators

GPS watches are also gadgets to help you get weather information from the internet. They show measurements of weather of elements for a particular place. This is of help to guide you on clothing and routes before you embark on a trip.

Television and radio set

The current television and radio sets have inbuilt features, which are able to access the internet. Although they are used as a medium of communication, they must be connected to the computer, which has the internet applications.
The internet is the current mode of getting timely news globally. The social media platforms have also enhanced communication and social interaction through various social applications. The gadgets to own at home depend on the locations and the strength on internet network. The fiber optic cable has improved access to the internet. You do not need any additional gadgets to boost internet network.

Table tennis at the 2016 ASEAN event

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intThe Association of Southeast Western Nations (ASEAN) organized the I8th edition of the 2016 table tennis in Nanyang Technical University in Singapore from the 12 to 17 July 2016. The five-day long event saw the top most players in the region fighting for the medals. The Association consists of ten member countries, which include Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. The game features the men’s single and doubles, women’s singles and doubles and mixed gender singles and doubles.


Boys’ team

The teams were classified into two groups the Group A and Group B. Group a had three teams  Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos while group B had four teams,  Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia and Indonesia. Lao and Cambodia lost to Thailand to clinch the knockout stage finalists from group A while Vietnam and Malaysia lost to Singapore from group B. The semifinals saw Vietnam and Thailand battle in the first category while Cambodia and Malaysia in the next category. The finals were between Vietnam and Malaysia, they all enjoy it.

Girls’ team

Group A team had Thailand, Malaysia, and Laos while group B composed of Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. Laos lost to Thailand and Malaysia Giving Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam to proceed to the semifinals. The finals saw Thailand and Malaysia. Thailand won against Malaysia by 3 to 1.

Gold Medalists

The gold medals were eight. Five went to Vietnam in the men’s single category and the three were divided among the other countries. They won in the women singles, women’s doubles, men’s double, men’s team and the women’s team. The men’s singles went to Cambodia and the men’s double was clinched by Singapore.

Silver medalists

The silver medalists were dominated by Thailand who took the men’s doubles, mixed doubles, and the women’s team. Men’s singles went to Malaysia, Women’s singles went to the Philippines and the men’s team was taken by Singapore.

Bronze medals

Bronze medals were dominated by Vietnam, who took the Men’s and women’s singles and women doubles. Malaysia won two bronze medals in the women’s doubles and mixed gender doubles categories. The Philippines also clinched two bronze medals in the women’s team and the women’s doubles.

ASEAN hosts different categories of games they include, table tennis, athletics, volleyball, basketball , golf, gymnastics, and swimming. They are held at different times with the entire event publicized and well planned. The championships attract huge partnerships and sponsors. The best players are awarded and sign to famous clubs across the globe.

Table tennis is a famous sport in this region; the best players in the Olympics for a long time come from these regions. The countries have also invested heavily in the sport with various stakeholders putting more effort to ensure players are comfortable and get the best. Each of the member countries is well represented and a lot of home support accorded to motivate the players to give their best. From the medalist table, in 2016, Vietnam held the most number of gold medalists.


Reasons Why Having Your Own Coffee Machine is better

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I would be surprised why you don’t have your own coffee maker in your kitchen. There are several benefits to having this masterpiece. Here are some compelling reasons why you should try it for yourself.

A Faster Way to Satisfy Your Morning Routine

Having your own machine doesn’t need you to fall in-line to be able to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. You can easily make your own coffee at the comforts of your home, any time you want, even in the middle of the night. Since espresso means “fast”, then it’s ironic to wait for a long time to get your coffee drink, isn’t it?

coffe machineA Limitless World of Coffee to Explore

With just a pod coffee machine or pre-grounded packets, you are stuck with the brand’s limited variety of coffee drinks. Coffee is constantly changing and evolving—either with its roast profile, geography, or seasonality. There will always be something new, stimulating, and different to taste. Your own coffee machine gives you the opportunity that opens up doors to a complete world of making coffee.

Complete Control 

Want to know the secret to fully understand coffee? It’s not exactly top secret. The more cups of coffee you consume, the better you will understand what you are savoring, and what you favor. Being able to make your coffee at home, you aren’t just free to try different types of coffee, you will also discover different types of adjustments will also change the way your coffee tastes. You don’t have any limitation on how you’ll make your coffee, and there is no better way to learn than to do it with your own hands.

There are several professional-grade coffee machines like this brand like delonghi which are designed to provide you with a complete control of the process of making coffee drinks. From a certain temperature control to steaming, you have the power to make your drink as you would want it. You can basically be your own barista at home.

Better Sustainability

You probably know plastic espresso coffee pods that look like they more convenient and cheap. But actually, for the small amount of ground coffee they have, you are wasting 50 bucks for every pound. On the other hand, you can have a delicious, newly-made, whole-bean coffee drink bought from the best coffee shops in the country for half the price. And there is a good change you’re actually paying for the coffee instead of the packaging.


Speaking of which, those “disposable” cups used to serve your coffee everyday are not always made with recyclable materials. Most of them end up in landfills, which is obviously an environmental problem. With your own coffee maker, you can use your mug again and again, instead of a disposable cup.

You Can Be the Best Neighbor/Housemate/Partner

At home, you can now have your worthwhile dream to be a barista. You can give it a try by surprising your partner with a cup of coffee. There’s many to choose from at


Pool Vaccuum and heater trending over the net

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If you want to know how a heater works and all the comprehensive information; then you must find the product trending on the internet. There are many tools on the internet to market the pool vacuum, furthermore, the more the heater receives attention on the internet, the better for the company since the search engines rank the product among the top most making random customers who have no idea on the best heater gets the products without thinking twice. If you need a perfect gas heater to warm up water pool, then you have various websites to give you a guide from

How can a pool vacuum trend on the internet?

The product trend when you use various online tools to increase the presence of the pool vacuum on the web circles. If you only rely on only one application then it will be among the last to be ranked. Which are these online tools to improve the presence of the pool vacuum on the internet?


The pool vacuum should develop a website to act as a marketing tool and a guide to customers on how to get the products. The advantage of a website, anyone connected to the internet globally has access to information increasing business sales of the pool vacuum. In addition, you can link the website to various internet marketing tools as a referral program to enhance its presence in the web circles. Marketing automation toolkits also have a feature of integration of the website as a one-stop shop and a complete sales process for pool vacuums.

Social media

You cannot underrate the power of social media, you only access it over the internet. When the company designs their page and uses it as an interactive platform between them and the consumers, then you are due to passive marketing through the sharing facility to make the pool vacuum trends in social media and other websites. To maximize on this, ensure you have a page on all the social media platform to prove efficiency, integrity, and professionalism of the pool vacuum business.

Blog posts

People do not just take your product; consumers purchase the benefits of the product. You can have a blog where you keep on posting content about the pool vacuum and articles related to the pool vacuum, the Search Engine Optimization will filter the blog posts at the same time link your website and any other related information on the blog to ensure any internet lover will come across the pool vacuum to increase conversion of sales.

Software applications

Software developers use the programming language to develop an application for the startup company such that consumers will have access to information of the pool vacuum at the comfort of their home and at the tip of their hands using their smartphones.

Access to information over the Internet using computers and smartphones helps in content marketing, internet marketing, and Email marketing to ensure a pool vacuum is a trending product among the uses of the sanitation appliance


Having an Electric Smoker is More Convenient

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Why Should I Buy an Electric Smoker?

We have a wide variety of electric smokers available in the market, but they are all crafted to be easily and conveniently used. This means that it’s a great product if you’re a beginner. Aside from that, we’ll tell you the benefits of having an electric smoker, compelling you to leave the old way of making smoked food.

You can easily control its temperature

One of the most beneficial features of having an electric smoker is allowing you to automatically control the temperature of this device. It’s easy as setting the smoking to the temperature of your choosing, and the unit will keep it that way during the whole cooking process. Compared to wood and charcoal smokers, you don’t have to regularly feed and watch it all the time to keep a consistent level of heat.electric smoker

It a safe smoking cooking ware

Even there has been units of them being recalled, electric smokers are actually deemed to be the safest. Almost all electric smokers don’t need wood or charcoal to be able to cook your food. Because of this, there’s a considerably lesser chance that you’ll accidentally burn something down. Electric smokers are also safe to be used on the balconies of residential buildings since they don’t actually release burning cinders. More expensive units of smokers have extra features to prevent them from overheating or starting electrical fires.

You have an additional cooking capacity

Electric smokers are sold in different sizes. There are small ones that you can conveniently bring from one place to another, and there are units spacious enough to cook several pounds of meat, serving a larger amount of people. Also, each electric smoker may not have the same number of metal racks inside. With the detachable trays, you can smoke larger food items in the smaller electric smokers. And even with larger units, you can still properly cook smaller items like cheese and meat patties. Compared to other types of smokers, the units generated by electric power have the capacity to spread the heat evenly, whatever the size it has.

What is the Best Electric Smoker of 2016?

From the thousands of models being added to the market, there is only one unit of electric smoker that stands out. It is the Masterbuilt Model No. 20070910. 

If you’re looking for an electric smoker that has a great combination of price and value, then you should consider this 30-inch cooking unit. For now, nothing that can beat it. In fact, it’s the No. 1 Bestseller in the famous Amazon website.

Even though being one of the affordable electric smokers you can buy, a lot of buyers have been overwhelmed with the greatness of its performance. Whether you want it outside in your backyard or in your very own kitchen, it can do well as an electric smoker.

The inside itself is very spacious, allowing you to smoke any kind of meat and fish into a delicious meal for your family or friends. You can also control the temperature through a thermostat, and you can also ensure that your food is cooked properly with the added timer.

If you’re not satisfied with our own feedback, you can read more smoker reviews : on the internet.

3 Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog at Home

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You don’t have to hire a professional dog trainer to teach your dog some tricks. It may be difficult (especially with hard-headed pets), but it’s not entirely impossible. Yes, it’s also ideal to teach him at an early age, but you can still teach your adult dog some treats. You’ll have to be patient and understanding to be able to teach him some tricks. Also, it doesn’t depend on what breed your dog is, you can teach any type of dog. Here are three basic tricks, which are very essential to your dog’s daily life.


The “sit” command is amongst the easiest tricks you can teach to your dog that makes it a great start to your dog training.

  1. Clasp a treat (preferably a dog food) near your pet’s nose.
  2. Stir your hand with the treat upward, letting your dog’s head follow it, and resulting the lower part of his body to go down to the ground.
  3. As soon as he’s already in a sitting position, emit the word, “Sit”. Toss him the treat and give some affection.


Every day, repeat doing the three steps for a few times, till your dog masters the trick. Then, you can ask him to do this command during meals, when walking outdoors, and other circumstances where you need him to calm and seated.



The “Down: command can be amongst the most difficult command to teach to your dog. This posture is a submissive stance, which is the reason why dogs find it hard to learn. You can use this command if your dog is fearful or apprehensive.

  1. With a nice-smelling treat, put it inside your closed fist.
  2. Hold your closed fist close to your dog’s muzzle. When he sniffs it, move your hand to the floor so your dog can follow.
  3. After that, slide your hand on the surface of the ground in front of your dog to convince him to follow his head.
  4. As he moves to a downward position, emit the word “Down”, toss him the treat, and give some affection.

Like the first trick, you can try this every day so he can master the trick. It’ll be hard for him to figure it out, but he’ll learn it soon!



This trick can be helpful for your dog to knock off his curiosity that can endanger his safety. For example, if he sniffs a poisonous chemical, you can tell him to “Leave it!” so he’ll move away from the substance. This trick is to teach your dog that there’s a better treat if he ignores another one.


  1. On top of both of your palms, put a delicious treat.
  2. Show your closed fist with the treat inside to your dog, and tell him to “Leave it.” Allow him to try to get it out, but continue to ignore him. He’ll do things like barking, sniffing, and scratching.
  3. As soon as he stops, give the treat that is on your other hand. Repeat this process until he walks away from the 1st fist.